Bandit's Stove - A DIY Tutorial

DIY Alcohol Fueled Stoves for Emergency Preparedness, Backpacking, Canoeing, Kayaking, & Disaster Recovery

Bandit's Stove - A DIY Tutorial

Instructions for the "Bandit" Alcohol Stove

  On this page you will find a step by step process for making the "Bandit" Stove. They may seem rather lengthy, but I wanted to have each step detailed enough so you wouldn't have any questions. Follow these instructions and after your 1st Stove, you'll be amazed at how simple this is.
This "Low Pressure Side Burner" stove is perhaps the easiest to make and one of the most efficient DIY Alcohol Stoves I've encountered. This can is made using a small processed meat aluminum can.

The "Bandit" Stove, was named after our little dog, Bandit. He got to eat the contents of the can. RIP Little Buddy.

Step 1 - Scribing the Can

Turn the clean empty aluminum can upside down. While spinning the can in one place, using the 10mm and 15mm template holes, mark with a Sharpie two parallel lines around the can.

Step 2 - Two Parallel Lines

Your can should have two marks like this.

Step 3 - The 24 Hole Template

Next you need to make 24 equidistant marks across these first two lines. I've found that using the 24 Hole Template shown in this photo, I can get a quick set of marks scribed on the side of any size can. Otherwise, a distance of 8mm from mark to mark should give you the required 24 holes.

Step 4 - Using the 24 Hole Template

Set the can upside down on the 24 Hole Template and draw 24 corresponding marks that cross the parallel lines you first drew around the can.

Step 5 - 24 Marked Lines

Your can should now be marked something like this all the way around the can.

Step 6 - Punch 48 holes

Before you start punching holes, take a close look at this hole pattern. One line should have the holes punched directly on the mark, the other line should have the holes punched directely between the marks. This will stagger the hole punch pattern for an efficient burner flame pattern.

Step 7 - Fueling the Stove

Notice no more marks, a little Denatured Alcohol makes a great "Sharpie Eraser." I also used a round screwdriver shaft to press down & flatten, by rolling the can on it's side on the edge of a flat surface, the sharp can edges at the top of the can. You need a Priming Pan (In this case a Tostito's Cheese Dip Lid) and around 1 fluid ounce of Denatured Alcohol.

Step 8 - Fueling the Priming Pan

After pouring the 1 fluid ounce of Denatured Alcohol in your new "Bandit" Alcohol Stove, pour a small amount of alcohol into the Priming Pan. Set your cooking pot, or teakettle, directly on the top of the "Bandit" Alcolhol Stove.

Step 9 - "Bandit" Alcohol Stove Ready to go.

You are now almost ready to start boiling water! STOP!! Have you read the Warnings Page? If not now would be a really good time to do that! You need a pot or teakettle, centered on top of the "Bandit" Alcohol Stove.

Step 10 - Lighting the Priming Pan

Light the Denatured Alcohol in the Priming Pan. This will start heating up the Denatured Alcohol in the "Bandit" Alcohol Stove.

Step 11 - Vaporizing Alcohol Starting to Bloom

As the flame from the Priming Pan heats up the Denatured Alcohol inside the "Bandit" Alcohol Stove, the vapors ignite, within 20-30 seconds, outside the "burner."

Step 12 - The "Bandit" Alcohol Stove in Action

Once the fuel from the Priming Pan burns off, the Denatured Alcohol inside the "Bandit" Alcohol Stove continues to vaporize off and burn until that supply is exhausted. You should get 10-12 minutes of burn time per each 1 fluid ounce of Denatured Alcohol. Enough to easily boil 2-4 cups of water. Enjoy!

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